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chisana sekai (2016) 
Duration: 20 minutes
Dancer: Masanori Asahara, Mana Kawamura
Premiered in January 2016 at Muriel Theater at Triskelion Arts Presents.
video: Jacob Hiss

Cloud (2013)

Duration: 10 minutes, 20 minutes and 30 minutes version

Dancer: Mana Kawamura, Mei Yamanaka

Performed at Newmoves Dance Festival at KellyStaryhorn Theater Pisstburgh(2013/10), Triskelion Arts Presents at Aldous Theater(2014/1), CPR presents spring movement(2014/4), AJD Dance Festival at Villapiana Theater Italy(2014/7), Exhibition Performance at Akita Cultural Hall Japan(2014/12)

The work was chosen as the winner of the Alto Jonio Dance Festival in New York 2014 and was invited to perform at Villapiana Theater in Italy.

Also was chosen as one of the best 10 performance of the month at in Japan in 2014.                                                         photo:Satoshi Tsuchiyama



Pandora (2011)

Duration: 30 minutes

Dancers: Christiana Axelsen, Mana Kawamura, Lize-Litte Pitlo, Suzanne Thomas, Ryoji Sasamoto,Lindy Schmedt

Performed at: Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival Inside/Out series (2011/8), Dance New

Amsterdam(2010/2), Kingsborough College(2010/5),

It was created in support of Artist-in-Residency Program at Dance New Amsterdam(2010-2011)


Photo: Paula Lobo

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